Lake Guntersville, AL

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Lugger Ken

Mar 5, 2024
I was born in site of the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi. As a teenager in the 1970's I worked on a shrimp boat, a Biloxi Lugger style trawler.
Back then, I always wished I was alone on the boat with a woman instead of a cranky old man. Now at 1.5 years to retire I'm looking to make that wish reality. I've got the woman, in process of getting a full displacement hull trawler with naturally aspirated diesel. - Ken
Lots of good cruising on the Tennessee and the Ohio rivers. Enjoyed some nice kayaking on Guntersville lake up one of the tributaries.

A lot Loopers pass by us at Aqua Marina off of Pickwick Lake, I advise to take the 440 mile round trip to Knoxville, some great boating, that includes the free Neat City Dock at Gunterville.

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