Knots - Which Do You Use?

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does anyone know/remember why certain knots were develped, and when? like the bowline/square knot/etc...i`ll wait for the answers, and see what everyone comes up with...clyde

For most knots, I don’t have a clue.
For most knots, I don’t have a clue.
Here`s a clew, bowline and reef knot.

Is the reef knot the same as "square knot"?(As opposed to its defective near relation, the "granny knot"?
I suspect the name "reef knot" comes from a knot commonly used to tie the reefed foot of the mainsail to the boom, it was certainly the knot I used in sailing when we reefed.
Well, here goes...after many years commercial fishing, learning the correct knots to use, etc, the rope/line we used in the 40`s, 50`s, etc, was sisel, hemp. all nets were cotton, which was tared to keep it from rotting! since the early years, like way way back in the 2, 3, and 4 masted schooners, most rope was made with hemp. the problem with hemp, and sisel (sisel was used during ww 2 because hemp was`nt available) when both were tied into knots, and in water, they swelled up to the point that they could`nt be loosened without a marlin spike! (look that up!) hence the knots like the bowline, clove hitch, square knots were desiged to be untied quicky and easily! splices, especialy long splices were difficult and tedious, and tough on fingers!...clyde
I decided to try and demonstrate how a bowline can shake out. I did this with my iPad, not a real camera and it was done inside so the lighting is bad. I tied a bowline, pulled on the knot has hard as my weak arms would allow, and then simply shook it.
1. Bowline
2. Half hitch
3. Square knot
4. Taut line hitch
5. clove hitch

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