Kingston Valve Function

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Oct 31, 2007
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Willard Nomad 30'
Months ago I ran my engine at the dock and about 3 minutes after start up I remembered the K valve was closed. I was standing in the aft end of the salon so I jumped out in the cockpit, threw my head over the stern and checked for water coming out the exhaust. There was plenty. I canceled the fire drill and took a few easy breaths. I think I had another reason to enter the engine compartment so for whatever reason I opened the hatch. There was the K valve** .. closed! Of course I immediately opened it. I assumed I had been mixed up about the valve lever position and forgot about it for some time. Last week the same thing happened again. It seems there is no other source of water for the sea water pump but the pump appears to be a bit larger than I think it should be. Could it be there is a preloaded foot valve in there that permits the above described things to happen? Perhaps I need to do some experiments at the sea water strainer w the engine off and the K valve open and closed. Perhaps it's explainable without doing anything.

Eric Henning
Since it's new I hadn't thought of it being broken. I'll keep that thought in the bank. Thanks.
It's the valve attached to the through hull for sea water intake to cool the propulsion system. Sorry I should have used " engine sea water intake valve ".

Eric Henning
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