Jeka boats?

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Jun 15, 2016
I'm new to boat buying, and I'm wondering if anybody has any opinions about JEKA boats? I'm looking at one online and will see it this week but I can't find any I do on them. I believe they're French. I'm also wondering what the pros and cins of wood boats vs fiberglass are. Is a great deal on a wood boat worth the extra effort? I apologize for any naivete in my questions .again, I'm new to this. Thank y'all
Unless you are a wood boat enthusiast/expert with deep pockets, I would stay far away from a wooden boat no matter how cheap it is.
Aw dang...ok thanks. I've never heard of that boat before as I've mainly had interest in fiberglass since I've been looking. Are all Jeka boats fully wood? I could also use any pointers on buying a boat. I don't mind a project, I'm good with my hands and somewhat mechanical. I am looking for a "bargain", so to speak. So I have a few in mind. One appears to be watertight but needs some love and an engine, the other is this boat the jeka...seems to be watertight but needs other things as well. What do y'all thing is the easiest and most cosy effective way to go if I'm willing to pick up a project?
..and thanks for the prompt responses y'all
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I can't find anything on JEKA boats. Do you have a link?
Looks like used 2x6 house deck boards that have been stained and 'repurposed'. That's a first for me! I'd run
I wondered what the deck was made of...he said the floor was bad at one point and he went in and redid it..what kind of wood would normally be used for a boat deck?
There is one other boat I'm looking at as a project. Do glass master boats have a good reputation? I'll post the link below. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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