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Jul 3, 2019
United States
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Cruiser yacht & Fountain
Hi my name is Sherri and I joined this forum to hopefully learn more on canvas and upholstery.

We currently have a Cruiser 540 and a 42' Fountain. We have purchased a couple of canvases from canvas makers and we haven't had a good one. My hobby is sewing and leather work, therefore I end up fixing the issues! So my goal is to turn this into a small business!:)
Welcome aboard TF.
Northern Spy pointed you in the right direction for your interest.
There are some talented folks here that have done some nice DIY work.
I started that post awhile back and was surprised at the level of interest. There are others that owners have started re specific projects.
Take a read through, do a little searching and ask away... I'll bet you get some responses.
Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome aboard. I do all of our canvas work. I have a Sailrite 111. I don’t think it is made anymore but it is an awesome machine. I can walk it through 8 layers of Sunbrella 1 stitch at a time. There are a lot of canvas tips here, search is your friend. Good luck.
Thank you! I have been checking out that thread. I do have a sailrite along with 6 other machines. My first project is a salon floor cover.
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