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Feb 5, 2017
After hanging around on this site, and a couple of others, for most of this year I thought it was time to introduce ourselves.
We are Clive and Anne Arnold from Glenelg North in South Australia. After being racing and cruising sailors for a long time we are now looking to buy a Mainship 390 within the next 3 months so we can join the spring northerly migration prior to doing the Down East Circle next summer. We plan to leave the boat in RI for the winter before resuming the trip in Spring so we can complete the Great Loop by the end of 2019. That's the plan, anyway....
I appreciate all the knowledge that TFers have and no doubt I'll be asking many questions as time goes on.
We are looking forward to meeting many of you on this journey.
It's starting to get exciting....
Welcome Aboard! Do you already have a particular boat under consideration?
They are not so common, and can be used boats which were imported from the US. Does your research show if they were retailed in Australia?
I have seen one or two for sale here but we will buy in US to use there and then sell there afterwards, in a couple of years.
Welcome Clive and Anne,

It's nice to have a more Adelaide members, even though you are heading for calmer waters.
G'day from Hobart, doing the Great loop is on our bucket list, a bit of Tasman cruising still to be done before though.
Hope your trip goes as planned. Cheers Craig.
Hi Craig,
Thanks for replying. We spent a little over a year in tassie in 2014-15 on our yacht and loved it. Beautiful part of the world. We may even base a boat there again in the future. Good luck with your plans.
Nice boat btw.
Welcome to the forum! I'm currently doing the loop. Most of it has been wonderful.

Welcome. We're also making Great Loop plans! Maybe we should put together a TF Social Group for Aussies who have done or plan to do the Loop? I have pm'd you.
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Sounds like a great plan.

My daughter did her Senior year of College at Univ Sydney awhile back. Good people in your country.
I hope it went well for her. We are looking forward to meeting lots of good people in your country too!
Dumb question people.

What great loop are we talking about. Around our island (au) or some canals in the USA.. :angel:

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