Infrared BBQ Grills

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Oct 5, 2007
These are getting a lot of play because of their ability to char meat. How does the infrared part work?
Never heard of one... got a link?
I don't have a link but over on the Boaters Ed forum they talk about at least two brands: TEC and Napoleon.
I bit the bullet and got a Solaire Marine Unit.* 316L Stainless. Great for red meats. Haven't used for much else or at anything lower than max heat.* Propane goes into a ceramic plate and heats to 1500 degrees F. Sears the meat to lock in juices. The thing is really portable, but good for about three steaks at a time.* Hope for more time afloat and grilling next season.* Expensive but no complaints.
Doc: Guess you read the reply over yonder, but we had a Tec Patio II and gave 2K for it. Salesman said there was going to be a learning curve, and at 1800 degrees there was. How fast can you put a hot dog on and take it off !! We also bought in the middle of summer season, and I always needed a shower after dinner due to the heat after cooking.** It was great for red meat as Salty said, due to locking in flavor, but I never had the patience, so went back to my Weber, and garage saled that Tec. Good quality stainless was also a fator, cause we live right on water, and everything outside takes a beaten.
I have a TEC <u>and</u> a Napoleon....two different locations. They are not marine grade but rather "built ins" for my patios. I'm on my 10th year for the TEC and 7th year for the Napolean. Both work great but the TEC (infra-red) is my favorite. It was also the most expensive but well worth the money. The TEC is located right by the water in San Diego and the Napoleon is in Arizona.

2 grand are you kidding me?* Shoot it took me a week of pricing and comparing to buy a new 100 buck SS propane grill.* Usually I buy a 20 buck throw a way each year.* So I am stuck using this SS for at least another*3 years. Then I am going back to the throw away again,* To much work having to keep clean and shiny.* )-;*

Infrared has been used for heat and keeping things warm for a years.* Infrared does not heat the air but heat solid objects.** We have infrared heater in the plant that is big an open.* You probable have seen at the golf ranges, auto service areas that glow red and as long as you are in the direct ray you can feel the warm.* In our plant*infaraed heats the floor, machinery, and people.* Since they glow red hot it;s not wonder if you cook something right on the grill it would be done in seconds.*


I*would not consider because of the extreme heat especially on a boat.* Light you canvas/curtain/boat on fire from several feet away. **Most of the time we use a George Forman Electric Grill that has a timer on it, especially in the winter when the boat is closed up. Might be good for a big open area, but not a confined area.******
Guys, I have to jump into chef* mode here and tell you that searing meat does NOT lock in juices. That's an old wives tale, urban legend, or whatever. What it DOES do is create a nice tasty layer due to a Maillard reaction (you can google that up).

If you want to keep juices in, A. Don't poke holes in it! and B. Let it rest a few minutes after cooking it.
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