IG teak decks

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Looks really nice Bruce. Well done.
Excellent job Bruce looks great, hadn't thought of putting the boat hooks there.Does your Lazarette hinge to the starboard?

How is 'Fang' going? Any plans for a sojourn to Pittwater in the near future?
Andy, a PO positioned the boathooks. The lazarette has twin hatch covers hinged outwards; new hinges easily go to 180 degrees the old piano hinge was strained.
"Holly Dog" is well, just turned 13, better recovered than my bank a/c from November surgery removing two benign but troublesome tumors.
Next foray to Pittwater should be 16-24 March 2013.
Peter, thanks, I am pleased so far, costs but looks wonderful. Inside the bulwarks was painted all round when the inner bow was reconstructed. Fortunately the cabin paint responded to vigorous polishing. The finish on the cappings is Deks Olje 1 & 2.
At one time the hull was painted or gelcoated dark blue. A 1991 IG36 sold recently with a blue hull. No plans to revert.
Merry Christmas guys; if the weather clears we will lunch on the boat.
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