How many years left?

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Unfortunately, a sizable percentage of those of us here will develop Alzheimer's. It's a horrible condition and strikes with not only the memory losses but changes in personality and behavior. I've heard kids with parents with Alzheimer's express it as "She's not my mother anymore. I lost her." I think in many cases the journey is worse for family than for the patient.

So, so sad. Your post exemplified the suffering that many of my friends along with their families endured.
We leave for Yosemite this Sun. Will start the John Muir Trail on Tue after a few days at altitude. Returning Oct 1.
Wishing all in track of Irma good luck.
If this was a thread two years ago I would have said not much longer . I was dealing with a failed open heart surgery at that time that they just couldn't fix .
I changed doctors and he put me on a good medicine regiment. Now I kinda know what to expect and how to deal with it .
We are only 61 , my wife is as strong as they get and I'm still working everyday. As long as we can do the standard maintenance that we always do and take care of what problems pop up, I can see us going on for a good while .
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Great thoughts and stories. We talked recently about how many more Alaska trips we have in us, at 70. The only conclusion we had was to keep going until we can't. Anything less would be a missed opportunity.
My parents got out of the boating game about 15 years ago. They had a 42' sailboat. I often wonder if they had owned a trawler or similar if they would have been able to keep doing it longer. I'm currently boatless, but hope to have one fairly soon...for how long, is anyone's guess. If I have it for 25 years, I'll be well past retirement. Seems like a good deal to me.

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