Honda 50 Hp spares

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May 9, 2016
United States
I am about ready to take a Nimble Nomad from WA to Alaska this spring and I was wondering if anyone could recommend what spares they would take with them for a Honda 50 hp engine with 300+ hours. This is the first Honda outboard I have had. Any insight will be most welcome.
Thanks JD
Spark plugs, propeller and shear pin, fuel filter, oil filter and oil.
I had a small Johnson that used to blow fuses occaisionally.....they are small and cheap enough that it might make sense to have a few if your motor has them.
How 'bout a 10hp motor mounted off to one side; just in case.
Ran one for years. Zero issues - typical Honda - do the PMs on schedule, feed it gas, it performs. I would take along Russell's list plus a wire coat hanger to rod out the "cooling water indicator" (p-tube). That tends to plug on occasion. Doesn't affect cooling, but it's the only indicator the operator has for cooling water flow.
I actually have my eye on an trailerable outboard powered boat if and when I want to replace our Albin-25 and would strongly consider a pair of smaller motors instead of a single.
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