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Jan 18, 2018
Vessel Name
Island Girl
Vessel Make
Hudson Defever
Hi, my name is Joe. Been boating and cruising for close to 40 years. Bought a Hudson Defever two years ago in Sandusky, Ohio and worked on it with the intention of doing the loop down the rivers to Pensacola.

Got a great deal with a trucking company to get it to Pensacola, it was something I couldn't pass up so that I could finish the work in reasonable temperature and year round.

Unfortunately the delivery did not go well and the trucker hit a bridge around Huntsville, AL. 65+ mph hit was not good for the boat. Tore off the front of the coaming and hand rails on the starboard side, broke seating area, etc. Insurance settled and then made an offer for me to buy boat back. I couldn't let my dream girl go away. Boats are an affair of the heart, has nothing to do with logic or intelligence.

So now I am repairing the damage myself and really could use any and all help on the project. As I progress and regress I'll need as much collective knowledge from the group as possible. Thank you, Joe
Hi Joe,
Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have a major project. Pictures make it much easier for us to offer opinions.

Welcome Joeleone!
Boats, it truly is more than "just a vessel"; it is a mistress, a lover, an affair. Not easy to explain to a non-boater; but to a boater we know how we fall deeply (and madly) in love with a vessel and will spend time, money, time, money, money, money for her in all ways.

So sorry for the bad delivery. But now you can learn, spend time getting to know your lady better, and enjoy Pensacola!

This forum is FULL of advice and just full of it!

I have learned much, laughed, been intrigued and learned some more.

Ask. Look in archives (also youtube can teach you about anything...with a grain of salt); and listen to these wise people on TF.
Take it all with a grain of salt, learn the ones here who give solid knowing advice and the few who know nothing.


Welcome. Sorry about the sour turn on what seems to be a dream deal. How much do you have to pull off to get started on repair/replace?

BTW, I'm very new to this boating lifestyle and am one of those who know nothing :) But, hopefully I'll learn from those like you who have to do the work. Please post updates when you can. Cheers, and best of luck.
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Welcome aboard. Agree with the need for pictures. Best way to determine what size chain saw you'll need...

With all the sunk boats from Irma, there may be a bridge coaming that could be fit already whole. Not sure where to contact.... put out feelers out on many forums.

As far as seating, I tore all my built in stuff out. It was better storage than seating but in the wrong place for just storage. I prefer folding or deck chairs that can be arranged or removed if I want a large open area for a project or any reason.

Another solution to seating is the stuff they sell for pontoon boats. Some is pretty nice, functional and I believe modular. Some here have added it to their bridge and love it.
Tim how are you I met you at the marina when we had the our Cheoy Lee 44, down the dock from you for 6 months if you remember, you sold me a 30 to 50 amp connector. Still using it thanks.
As I said we bought the Hudson Defever two years ago and still have the Cheoy Lee here in Pensacola.
This one has twin engines, 8kw gen set and teak staving, saw it and that was that.

How are things on your end of the world?
Joe Leone and Carol
I thought something sounded familiar with you!

I moved off my trawler and sold her 3 yrs ago (to take care of my elderly folks....that progresses)
But still in New Bern and enjoying it mostly (except for this blasted winter!)

Hope is to cruise again when this chapter is complete.

But I still dream of boats and boating and all that good stuff.

Glad you are still with boating and you will learn much from this accident and solving this problems.

Boating is STILL the best thing to do and STILL the best people.

Photo of damage

Damage to Island Girl. Hudson Defever 39
how to post pictures?

I've tried twice to post pictures/video and have not been successful. Last one I tried ended up as an ad and will not show anything. What am I doing wrong?
You most likely haven't posted enough yet to hit the minumin threshold for attaching items. I suggest find some other threads that match your interests and/or expertise and post a few times. After a couple of those you should be able to add your attachements.

If not, in my short time here I've noticed the site admins are active on the site and quick to step in if there are problems beyond your ability to control.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is curious to see what type of projects you have on your hands. I'm also sure you'll get plenty of well wishes and advice too once you are able to post.
defever damage

pictures of damage


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defever damage front

front on delivery


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What ship yard is you boat in for repair in Pensacola? We consider a truck transport from Miami to Penaacola but brought her back by water. Good luck!

HI, Pensacola Shipyard. Where do you have your boat?
Got a great deal with a trucking company to get it to Pensacola, it was something I couldn't pass up so that I could finish the work in reasonable temperature and year round.

Perhaps it really wasn't a "great deal." What trucking company?
Trucking Company

Trucking company was;
Wave Maker Yacht Transport, Inc.,
4585 Haverhill Rd N, West Palm Beach, FL
It was insured by them but took over 5 months for the settlement.
I've always been a bit skeptical of trucking companies. Occasionally one has no choice, but often the cost of trucking doesn't save money, in the $4 to $6 a mile range. The boat operates much cheaper than that.

And there's the risk, as a rule they a horrible to deal with.

In my past life in the printing business, we used them several times a year to bring equipment in, and 100% of the time there was an issue. Anywhere from slight to total damage to lost in shipment. It was so bad, that we ended up using air freight and for the really heavy stuff, we rented a truck and I sent my own people to pick it up.... and it didn't cost much more. We'd get a local rigger at each end to load and worked well.

However, think they have improved a bit. My last two deliveries (windsurfing stuff, and boat seats) came in ok. The boat seats had a HUGE hole in the box side and I was sure the seat was messed up, but taking it out, it was fine.

However, perhaps in Joes situation, he'll end up with a better boat with a lot less dollars in it.... but bet it will be spent on improvements. Not all bad.

But paying the claim in 5 months... ridiculous!
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There are legitimate and dependable boat transport companies with their own fleets of vehicles and decades of experience. They are not the cheapest, just the ones you can trust.

On insurance, don't depend on them to have coverage, make sure there's a policy in effect covering you. Even if you have to duplicate coverage. It's not all that expensive to have an addendum put on your policy to cover it during the transport.

Boat transport is a very specialized area of trucking and when done by companies that are only in that business, nothing like the general trucking industry.
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