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May 13, 2015
I would like to say hello and tell ya'll a little about myself.
I be Mike a retired hospital engineer, and my lovely wife will be Miriam a RN, existing in Houston Tx.
We're old and arnery and some say hard headed. We have been together 30 years and have 6 crazy but great boys. I am a coonass from Port Arthur and Miriam an English Canadian. Kinda ironic. I have always had a boat and have worked on a few shrimp boats. Miriam is a excellent first mate, but lacks big boat knowledge. We are in the process of purchasing a 36ft MT and we are chewing at the bit. We look forward to meeting some of you fine folks afloat and sharing time and a meal. Just for the books I'm not a know it all and there are many ways better than mine. I ride a 1975 HD shovelhead for the last 40 years and enjoy fishing for about anything. I have inoperable colon cancer that was stage 4 and they removed all my pelvic organs and some how whipped it for now. I think we're here until we're gone, so doctors dont get the respect from me they should. If I have gone into to much details just forget some of it. Looking forward to hollaring with everyone and learning all that I can.
Welcome! Best of luck with your adventures afloat.
Welcome aboard! Where will you be home-porting the MT?
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome and I didn't know coon-asses came out of Port Arthur. Thought you had to be from a little farther east.
Welcome Reissue. We plan on being at your old stomping ground this weekend for the Port Arthur Spring Feast. I see 121 boats have signed up from the Houston area so should be lots of fun even if you drive up.
Welcome aboard sir.
My wife is a retired RN as well.

Prayers from us to yours on a continued recovery, and in the meantime, enjoy your time aboard.

Smooth seas ahead for you Miriam and Mike, all the very best wishes to you both.


David. [ from Down Under ]
Welcome from the beautiful PNW.

Good job on defeating the stage 4 cancer. That's quite an accomplishment.
Thank you for the warm welcome

Thank ya'll and hey back at ya. We will be in the clear lake area for dockage, haven't finalized it yet. We are having to cruse the boat from New Orleans and we are dreading it. With all the flooding all the rivers will be full of deadheads and moving faster than the boat. Any suggestions for the icw other than avoid it?
Only two ways I know of from NOLA to Houston: GIWW or offshore.
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