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Oct 15, 2007
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Ocean Alexander 38'
Posted this on Passagemaker as well*
Our boat came with an old version of Nobletec (version 5.0) loaded on an old Gateway laptop.* I have used this as a back-up to our newer Garmin chartplotter.* The laptop recently died and I have replaced it with one not so old.* I have found* the Nobeltec software and loaded it up on the new computer and it seems to operate correctly.* What I don't have are the charts.* I have seen folks talk of free charts from NOAA and other sources and have surfed a little bit trying to get information.* So, Im a bit ignorant how this system all works since I was not involved when the system was set up and the Garmin system I installed was already pre-loaded with everythig, truly plug and play.

Is Nobeltec able to read the free NOAA charts?* In looking at the site, it appears (for Puget Sound anyway) that you have to download multiple charts to cover the whole area.

Can you download these to a disk?* The boat laptop is on the boat and not connected to the internet.

I would think that I could download all the charts I need on this computer, burn to a disk and then load them on the other.* Is this too simplistic?

I would rather not upgrade the Nobeltec to the new version if I don't have to.* It works just fine for what we use it for.
Short answer is "no".

I've used NT for a long time, but have becomei increasingly pissed at the company. One version, maybe 7.x, allowed use of the free ENC charts. However, they had some problems and had essentially a recall awhile back. They sent free upgrade discs to everybody to fix the problem, but the "upgrade" disabled the ability to use the free charts. The latest version will let you use the free charts again, but only if you buy a software package from them at "a nominal fee". The upgrades are more expensive the older version you have, so my guess is that if you upgrade to a current version, it'll cost you a lot.

Frankly, I'd suggest calling them to ask what the upgrade price is from your version to the current version PLUS the pack to use free charts, then contact Rosepoint to see what their software costs.

I have had it with the incessant upgrades required by Nobeltec, so I'm going to use mine until I just can't use it any more, then change over to Rosepoint.

There are also some free programs out there to use the free charts... check ou NOAA's site for a list of them.
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