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Oct 11, 2018
Hello all. My name is Rick.
My wife and I are looking at pocket trawlers. We would like to eventually do the loop and take a short trip to the Bahamas. I like the idea of a boat I can trailer so we can save on marina cost and transport to other area via land for use with family. We have looked at the C-dory and rose borough 246 sedan. Seems like these can be found at reasonable cost. Anyone have experience with either of these? No one in my part of the country owns one of these, only bass boats and sea rays. Looking for any suggestions you may have or experiences with a pocket trawler. Thanks and glad to be aboard.
Hi Rick,

My wife and I cruised big western lakes, the San Juan and Gulf Islands, further north in BC, and SE Alaska in our C-Dory 22 Cruiser over seven summers. Wonderfully simple and seaworthy, well designed for 2-3 adults, easy to tow, and inexpensive to own and operate. Great boats.

You might want to take a peek at my book: Cruising in a Big Way, on Lulu and Amazon.
The C-Brats forum recently had a thread on doing the loop on a C-Dory. The only ones who had done that were on C-Dory 25s and Tomcats.

The trailerable weight of a C-Dory 25 gets up there- 7,500+ lbs and more for the Tomcat or Ros 246 diesel. That means a full size pickup, preferably a 3/4 or full ton to tow it with.

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