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Our first trawler was a 1986 Monk36, toured a Roughwater 41 and quickly new it was a Monk designed vessel. I remember it having mile deep pullout storage drawers, love the lines. Welcome aboard TF is great.
Thanks! There's a few Monk designs and Roughwaters here at Shilshole Bay Marina, with my own and a 37 on this dock, and a 35 across from us. Not seen a 36 yet! There's also at least one working boat that appears to be a Monk build, though I've yet to collide with the owner to confirm.

Storage on the 41, and from what I hear, most Monk designs, is nothing short of phenomenal with, as you said, mile deep drawers, cabinets in every surface, compartments under the floor, and caverns of space behind every system. First boat I've had where the amount of storage space far exceeds the amount of stuff I have to put in and on it.

Previously, I owned an Ericson 32-2 deckstepped sloop, and as good as Bruce King is at designing a sailing vessel, it's worlds apart coming to the Monk.
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