Hello from Irmo, South Carolina.

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Jul 25, 2018
United States
Hello. Thanks for letting me aboard. Getting close to narrowing the type of boat we will want for our "Live-Aboard Adventure". Looks like a trawler may be it. Cheers!:)
Welcome aboard!

What type of live aboard adventures do you dream? Here on this forum you will find many dreamers, some doers and a whole lot of people just having fun.

What kind of trawler might you be thinking about?

I know I have learned MUCH just reading these pages each day; almost equal to a college education!


Hey there Tim!

Thanks for the warm welcome! We dream of southeast coastal cruising, maybe cruise the Florida Keys, making the jump from south Florida to the Bahamas, doing some island hopping through the Caribbean, and see where life takes us. This will be our retirement home. We originally thought of a houseboat, but a houseboat can't do any of the things we want to do other than provide a place to live. Then we thought of a cabin cruiser, but the fuel consumption and ride comfort may not be as good as a trawler (according to rumor control) LoL! Haven't gained enough knowledge regarding brands yet. LoL!
As others constantly say on this forum.....what is your budget. That usually determines what you can look at and buy in a boat.
Of course added to this question is the idea of being able to do (or learn how to do) most of your own maintenance and upkeep of the boat versus spending a LOT of money to pay others to do it.

Added to this is taxes, insurance, towing insurance, fuel, a % each year simply on upkeep. These toys and homes are not cheap, but life on the water is GRAND.

Ask questions, learn, read the forums, visit marinas and talk to boaters...we love to show off our boats and talk about them :)

We were ALL newbies once. WE all still make mistakes and do stupid things on and to our boats.

We are all learning.

Good morning. Our budget will probably be between $100k and $150 cash and this would leave us $ for immediate repairs, upgrades, and required items. I am pretty handy when it comes to working on mechanical items, doing automotive body work, electrical (DC and AC 460V or less) and non-surface mount electronics. Don't mind an older boat; as a matter of fact it will probably have to be an older boat, considering our beer budget! LoL!
The beer budget is all too important!!

I forgot one major expense is the marina costs....look on activecaptain for marinas near yu that might suit your needs.

I determining a boat....first, it will not be your last/final boat. We all upgrade, find other things we want,get good deals and just want to change.

second. determine your must haves for the boat (between you and those who are going to be onboard...especially your spouse). TOO many guys have gotten the boat of their dreams and had to either sell or divorce because the spouse was not happy.

Look at yachtworld, boattrader, local brokers, marinas to look around and see what you like and do not like in the style, amenities, number of engines, bells and whistles. Some like a walk around queen master bed, some like separate shower stalls from the toilet, some like large galleys, some need extra beds for family or guests.

This is where it gets personal and just for you. So look around, make lists, talk.

Determine how much work you want to do before you cruise. Some want a turn key, some want to work for a few years....you must determine that.

Your budget will get good deals. Many good older boats are around for such a budget

Thanks for all of the advice. We need it! LoL! Some other things that we both love are dogs, grilling and chilling, and surfing the world wide web. I don't know how that all plays out with boat life, especially a "live aboard" life style.
Most marinas are very dog friendly (as long as the dog does not howl and the owner picks up after the dog); but best to check with each marina. Many boaters have pets aboard.

Most good marinas have wifi....some good, some not so good. Some good in various sweet spots in the marina. Best to ask the other boaters.

Grilling....as long as you invite me I will welocme you :)

Chilling....well, what else is there to do on a boat? Some like to work on their boat all the time.....I eventually got to the point that if it aint sinking, I can grab a beer and relax! :)

You have some pretty darn good things and boating IS the place to grill, chill, surf the web and have a dog.

The very best thing I like about boating and marina life is the community of boaters....THE BEST people in the world.

RTF, thank you for the link. I took the time to read every post the other day.

Tim, thank you for the words of encouragement!
Calvin, welcome aboard. Dont get a boat that is too large. Around 40+/- feet WLL is about perfect, for 2 people and a 2nd stateroom for all your NEW friends.
Anything larger and you might have to RELY upon kids, friends or paid crew to enjoy the cruise. (Kids have a way of growing up and moving away, establishing their own lives.)
Rent a captain, for a day or two, to polish up upon your docking and line handling skills.
Get a bow thruster and ideally a stern thruster. BUT, learn to dock w/o them.
2 engine boats are easier to maneuver in tight places. 2 engines and you dont really need the stern truster but, nice to have.

The rest of the equipment, the "candy" and convince items, you can add it over time.

Make sure the equipment, that comes with the boat, works now before you buy the boat.

One further bit of advice, Neutral is a gear, use it as necessary.

Anything else, I will let let others say.
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