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Jun 28, 2008
I'd like to reintroduce myself. Haven't been here for some time; long story, lost my wife & lots of life changes, but still have the boat and the enthusiasm for boating. Been lurking for a bit, and really enjoy the camraderie and general tone and respect of the comments.
Sorry to hear that Red, life can throw whirlwinds at us sometimes. God's speed.
Red: As difficult as it must be for you, it's reassuring to hear that your enthusiasm for boats and water remains a big part of who you are. I can't think of anything more healing than water.

Very nice boat, by the way. Sincere welcome back aboard.
Glad you returned. You're in a good and supportive place here.
Red, sorry to hear about the tough times. The only good part of tough times is when we've moved past them far enough that the pain is lessened.

Welcome back.
Good to see you back, Red. I remember you and the Ocean Alex 42 from the old days.

I, too, have been through what you're experiencing and can only say that, with time, the pain goes away.
Thanks for all the kind thoughts! Time on the water is the best.
I think being on the water is the best medicine for whatever ails you, be strong.
We lost our 16 month old grandson in February so feel a similar pain. Being on the boat seems not anywhere near as important as previous springs. I wish you well.
We lost our 16 month old grandson in February ...........

I don't think I would deal with that well at all. I have a grandson that will be visiting me in 5 days. He lives in Seattle and loves to fish on Grandpa's boat. My heart goes out to you more than you will ever know.
Welcome back, Red. Glad you're finding peace and healing on the water. I think we all do in one way or another which is what keeps us throwing all this money into a floating hobby! But I wouldn't have it another way.

Tell us a bit about where you call home and your beautiful boat.

PS. I've always been partial to the name Red as it was my Grandfather's nickname. Red or Mack as he was a redheaded Irishman named McKeown! He and I were very close well into my adult years. I learned a lot from him and still use his tools to this day.

I believe it is good you have come back into TF, as well as staying close to the water... and to your boat. Time helps heal and on-water-boating helps time do its healing. Looking forward to your posts as we all try to figure things out - together!

Happy Boating and Kind Healing! - Art
Time helps heal and on-water-boating helps time do its healing.

Back in 1986, My wife and daughter were in a horrific auto accident right out side our condo in Solana Beach, CA. I was out back working and heard the ambulance(s) & a Life Flight helicopter but didn't pay much attention as those sounds were very common along Interstate 5.

My daughter was sewn up by a plastic surgeon (cuts to her forehead, etc) but my wife was in intensive care for 3 days. Broken ribs, bruised heart, shock, etc. The car was a brand new 1986 Pontiac and was a total loss so I called my partner in Phoenix and had our Cessna Citation sent over to take my wife, daughter, the dog & I back to Scottsdale.

While at home, (2 weeks) I noticed that my wife was not making much progress in the nerves department. Constantly fidgeting with the buttons on her house coat, moving constantly while sitting, etc. I talked to our doctor about this and he suggested that we return to our condo on the beach and let her heal there. We all piled back in the plane & a few hours later we were looking out to sea again.

The healing process was amazing to say the least. Two weeks after "getting back on the horse" my wife returned to her normal self and fell in love, once again, with life next to the Sea.

Stick close to your boat, Red....That environment will heal the worst of all broken hearts.
Thanks for coming back Red, ignorant newbie’s like me need your experience.
Life's changes both planned and otherwise seem calmed by the water activities we all so enjoy. We are driving to the boat this AM and I beat the alarm by two hours as all the little chores to do wakened me. A few good boat projects both big and small light up my life and give me purpose. It seems I'm not alone nor were my seafaring forefathers. Enjoy the healing waters Red.
I've had some painful separations in the past and in all cases knew in time it was better for me and for them. May take some time to be in that frame of mind about it but it will almost always happen. And the freedom of being single can bring, for many, more joy and happiness than otherwise. But the draw of marriage is strong so enjoy the freedom of being single while you can. The time when you can "be all that you can be" as a single person will come sooner than you expect.

I remember you RED and am glad your'e back.
Welcome back, RED!!!!
Well come back Red

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