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Nov 7, 2008
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Cautions for posting in Harbor Chat

1. Harbor chat is the one part of TF where non-boating posts are allowed and the same rules regarding posts, as for other sections, still apply:

General discussions, statements, images and links that are political in nature or that reference general government policies, weaponry, gun rights and religion are not allowed in ANY areas of the forum. Discussions about current or pending legislation or regulations, weapons and religion that directly pertain to Boating are acceptable but will be closed or removed if they wander off topic or become disruptive.

2. Posters need to be aware that repeating verbatim quotes of other posters in their own post, may well include something subsequently reported and/or considered borderline, or a frank breach of posting rules, and therefore deleted, so runs the risk of also being deleted.

Thanks for understanding. :flowers:
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