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Mar 26, 2017
United States
Vessel Name
Jackie Season
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Beneteau 50' Swift Trawler
Hello all! We're new forum members and new trawler owners - well, we will be on Friday lol. We're picking up our brand new Beneteau 34 Swift Trawler, "Jackie Season", in St. Petersburg next week and we are stupendously excited. We've been boaters all of our lives, and for the last 10 years we've lived on a bridgeless island in the gulf, so our Grady White Adventure 208 is our daily driver. We're getting to the point now, though, where we won't be working every day, and the trawler is our answer to "what's next?". We'll be berthing it in St. Petersburg primarily, but expect to spend time all over Florida and the Bahamas. Once we're truly done working, we're heading to the Great Loop, and we're anxious to take advantage of the advice and experience here on the forum.
Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on the new boat. Lots of great cruising in SWFL. I winter in Fort Myers and like to cruise the barrier islands to the North.

Welcome, I agree. you are in the middle of a great cruising area. Congrats on the Beneteau enjoy it !
Welcome aboard. Your boat should be perfect for your intended uses around Florida and for the loop.

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