GPS/ Radar electronics updated replacement

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Aug 28, 2017
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We have a 2006 Mainship 400 with original Raymarine twin E80 GPS / Radar flush mounted units. We are considering upgrading electronics, since these are no longer supported by Raymarine and cannot be updated.

Any thoughts on what brand and models we should consider?
Thank you.
Does not being updated affect their function?
The E Series isn’t a bad system, just a bit older. It doesn’t have some of the functions that the newer systems have, but nothing wrong with the E Series. Unless you are looking for other functions, why not stay with them? We have an e127 in our current boat. We put it in about 2.5 years ago and it is out of date now. You can’t keep up with the electronic companies unless you are updating every 6 months. I like Raymarine equipment. Have had it on our last 4 boats. There were some manufacturing problems with a DSM300 we had for 8 years. They replaced it with a new model and then replaced it yet again even though there were no issues with the first replacement. Who does that nowadays?

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