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Jun 3, 2020
Vessel Make
In search... 37'+ - semi displacement such as Uniflite 37 CC
Hi all,

Been living working in SE Asia and always hanging out at a few of the shipyards around VN, amazing to see differences and similarities... Planning a 50/50 split in time spent with coming back USA for some coastal gunkholing primarily gulf coast...but looking at parts of the loop and Bahamas...nothing more ...that's fulfills my simple plan for having something 40' or under diesel powered sedan or trawler cruiser there...

Back in 80's and 90's use to coastal sail singlhanded on a 32'sloop in US.

So it's a big move over to single or twin diesel and no wind...

I am happy to answer any questions I can on what is in store for those wanting explore VN islands and coast in Gulf of Thailand and other spots moving up the coast to Vung Tau Nha Trang and into Ha Long Bay...

I am going be right up front that I have generated a keen interest in an old school Uniflite 37 Coastal Cruiser design ... My hope is finding at least one owner with the passion and knowledge to pass on to me to keep from screwing up things whilst making improvement list ...

Glad to be here... And "we don't know what we don't know" so let's all keep this in mind in this great community...


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