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Sep 12, 2011
The Site Team has a largely light handed approach to moderating, we tend to let things resolve themselves and for the most part it does. Keep the spammers at bay, assist new members and keep things on a generally even keel is about it. However, there is a rather concerning pattern emerging of the tone of some members postings being such as to draw a fair number of complaints. We take the "be nice" approach as most members of civilized society can easily recognize what that entails.

There is nothing at all wrong with respectful disagreement and the Site Team is in no way the "truth police", check out any advice you glean here as you'd check from any other source. Spirited debate is fine but personal insults will not be tolerated, veiled or direct. Make your point and move on is more common sense that can be easily overlooked. If you've made 6 of the last 12 posts in a thread you might want to consider if you're arguing minutiae and just need to move on.

The reason for this announcement is to let everyone have fair warning that the Site Team is going to ratchet up enforcement of our "be nice" rule a bit. Posts will suddenly disappear and threads may close only to reopen later but we do not anticipate this happening for too long before those most responsible understand what we are getting at.

Please do not hesitate to hit the report post button on any post you take offense with or find insulting. We cannot realistically be everywhere all the time. Keep in mind that you can report private messages too and we strongly urge you do so, we are particularly interested if you are receiving un-solicited private messages for goods or services or any other forms of harassment.
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