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Peter I don't want to point out the bleeding obvious but it doesn't have one of those slide locks on the handle does it.
and a Merry Xmas

Right in one Benn. When I tried it it was getting dark and I could not see the slide at the base of the handle. It has a detente which locks it open or closed, and has to be gripped and lifted to move the handle. The irony is previously the old seacock was just a simple push-pull movement to open or close, so I had and extension handle rigged up so I could open it before we started the motor, and always close it before we went home, from the forward ER, easily accessed by hatch in the galley and ladder, and still far enough from the engine to not be too hot. Now it will stay on, because to close it I would have to move the table, lift the saloon floor, then get down in right next to a hot engine, lift the ER floor, and then grip the handle, lift and turn - no way am I going to do that. Only to make sure it's free when checking levels etc with a cold engine. However, as it now as brand spanking new hose, strainer and seacock, all double clamped, it should be fine.
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