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New to us as of this past Monday, 10/6/14 -- "Keeper," a 1972 GB 32. Bought her in Sidney BC, although she was originally U.S.-flagged. Her new home is Orcas Island, WA. She was written up in the article "Old Woodies Rule" in the July/Aug 2000 issue of Passagemaker. She was a keeper then, and she's still in 10/10 shape. Our job will be to keep "Keeper" up--a job that will require lots of 220-grit and varnish. Oh, and love.
Gb 36

We own a 1971 Grand Banks 36 #247 named Escape. Hanging in the Delta :thumb:
Woody 1973 49 RPH Alaskan sitting on the hard having planks replaced over the winter in Bellingham Washington 49-41
Welcome! When you have time, I'd love to see photos of your Alaskan. The RPH Alaskan is one of my favorites.
I have spent my whole life owning boats. From the time I came home at 10 years old with a 8 foot john boat on top of my Radio Flyer. I believe it is the individuals decision what boat to buy and in what condition it is . Just like the john boat that you had to keep moving so it wouldn't sink, my father helped me patch the holes and my mothers cousin gave me a 3 horse motor. I know the guy that sold me that boat laughed until the day he died about the little kid that bought his trash for ten bucks.
Ever since that day I have always owned a boat (or two,three) and bought fixer uppers. Have I always made money? Probably not, but I always sold them for more than I paid and never kept track of what I paid to fix them up. I don't believe in financing a boat, I am more pay as you go. I use my boats, I take them out every time I can and enjoy cruising.
My latest endeavor is a 49 Alaskan (Grand Banks) Raised Pilot House that I bought way too cheap on ebay. The difference is I went in eyes wide open. I knew this boat would have big issues and it does. It is a shame to see a piece of history deteriorate and waist away. Did I buy this boat to make money --NO! I bought it to make my last boat a beautiful piece of history. I enjoy working on a boat more than anything else. It is like therapy to me, although i swear and cuss while upside down in the Bilge busting my knuckles raw. I love to see the fruit of my efforts after years of work.
Now that you have the history I would love to post the progress of the rebuild over the next few years. The only condition is the first person that criticizes that I didn't get a survey or sea trial, you will never hear about this rebuild again. I know the rules and if you want to abide by them- so be it- that has whats given me the ability to get some great deals over my boating career . If you want to see the story of me buying this great boat check out my letter in the Bay and Delta Yachtsman December Issue. ( under anonymous )
I enjoy the Forum and it can be very informative, but sometimes opinionated.
This boat has great history from the first owners that were somewhat famous to it winning the Queen of a regatta as late as 1998. How could I let it Die?
Bring on the rebuild!
1972 GB 32.
"Meriwether", a 1974 42' Classic, Portland, Oregon

Amazing Grace is a 1991 42 Classic, Hull #1169, Cummins. Haven't had a pic 'til now. And some of the crew.


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New owner of gb 42 hull #720. New name is SPARTAN
I will be in Stuart FL for the winter then move to home port of Newport RI
Amazing Grace is a 1991 42 Classic, Hull #1169, Cummins. Haven't had a pic 'til now. And some of the crew.

Nice boat & crew.

Who's the friend in your avatar?

The Lab belongs to a daughter who travels a lot. We get to dog sit frequently but he seems to enjoy the boat. We have an 18 moth old Golden who is learning to cruise. You can see from the pic who he is attached to.


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1971 36 Classic woodie. Twin FL 120's. Hull 267
Hull #618 Interim we keep the boat in Ketchikan, Alaska and live in Phoenix, Arizona.
LaVida 48 GB MY 1973

Love my wooden gal. Moored in Pender Harbour BC. She needs my constant love and attention and in return yields a warm and wonderful life on the water.
46' Grand Banks

Hello All:
I'm the proud new owner of "Slow Poke": a 1987 Grand Banks Classic 46'. Although I love sailing, for live-aboard purposes I had to go with a motor yacht.
I'll be cruising year round up the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound, and spending summers with the family in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and cruising those surrounding waters.


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Best of luck with the new boat. If you are living aboard, where will you go for the winter?

I'm thinking of Newport Yacht Club & Marina in Jersey City right across from lower Manhattan (where my kids are).... january and february will be "a bit cool" but there are other live-aboards there so I 'm not the only fool.
Hi all GB owners,
We have a 1980 GB Classic named "Interim" that we keep in Ketchikan Alaska. We generally spend 4 months a year going all over Southeast Alaska.
Ron & Jo
New owner of gb 42 hull #720. New name is SPARTAN
I will be in Stuart FL for the winter then move to home port of Newport RI

Where in Stuart? We arrive there mid-November. Spend the winter at Sunset Bay.
Richard, you 46-foot GB is lovely.

Ron and Richard
Ebbtide in Roche Harbor

Shiny new Old Salem on the hull.


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Shiny new Old Salem on the hull.

Looking very Bristol, there, captain! Did you paint the topsides yourselves?

BTW, what product did you use for the beige color above the bronze rubrail? It looks the same as the cabin color on our GB 32. The P.O. used a paint that was custom mixed in Canada. I was thinking maybe Interlux Brightside (or Pettit Easypoxy) Grand Banks Beige might be a fairly close match, but haven't tried a test sample yet.
Yes we did! 4 days of sanding and 2 days of painting. It is Interlux Grand Banks Beige and the scheme is as it was delivered.

The Interlux is quite thin and a bit tricky to apply, we added Penetrol which helped a great deal.

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You did a beautiful job!

Did you do a lot of that work from the dinghy while she was in the water, or was she on the hard? (And did you actually use Pettit Old Salem for the white portion, as opposed to Interlux?)

Oh, and the interior looks lovely as well.
We did all the work on the hard including bottom paint.

Interlux GB Beige as it is very close to the original and Pettit for the white.
Agree with others that she looks great, Bob. Good job. And speaking of wood 32's, I've often wondered what happened to my '73, hull # 392 (I think). Best web site for researching old GB hull numbers??

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