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Jan 20, 2016
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For quite some time now I am trying to understand where is located my fuel transfer pump on my engine.
I read all the manual for Hercules engine D3000/D298 on which my engine is based and the manual mention a fuel transfer pump, either mechanical or electric that pumps fuel from tanks through filter and to the roosa master injection pump.
However, I checked, rechecked, and checked again, and I cannot locate any fuel transfer pump on my engine, neither mechanical nor electrical.
Is it possible not to have one???
For what I found, my setup is fuel line from tanks going to tank selection valve, to fuel filter to roosa master injection pump.

This another mystery I am trying to solve :)

If you are talking about a transfer system from tank to tank, bypassing your engines, it shouldn't be on the engine itself but installed separately. Do you see separate fuel valves for fuel transfer? If so follow those and they should lead you to the pump.
Neither of my VW diesels had one it was part of the injection pump.

Mystery solved, I just looked at an exploded view of a roosa master injection pump and it integrates a fuel transfer pump so I am just a dumb idiot :)


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