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jeff brown

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Sep 9, 2018
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Need an aluminum 125 gallon built for my trawler in southwest florida. I just called florida marine tanks in north carolina and they are not taking any orders. Any known sources out there? Best to email me if possible. invaderjb@gmail.com Thanks
Not very helpful for you in Florida but Coastline Custom Marine tanks in Bellingham does this sort of thing. They could probably help you benchmark the price, though.
I have used Luthers in Bristol, RI. God folks.
I used Atlanti Coastal Welding in NJ. Excellent work
Not very helpful for you in Florida but Coastline Custom Marine tanks in Bellingham does this sort of thing. They could probably help you benchmark the price, though.

This probably helps less but Coastline did a pair of 200 gallon tanks for me. The whole experience was great.
I had 2-315 gallon tanks fabricated by RDS who are not far from you. I’d use them again. They’re tanks are pressure tested and ABYC compliant.



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T-N-T Boat works in Ft. Pierce Fl. They made six tanks for my GB 46.


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I second that.

Allow me a qualification. I had my tank made years ago. Since posting this I saw a reference to newish aluminum tanks recently made (since 2019ish) which were developing pin hole leaks. Luther's was one example. I think it was more about inferior material that snuck in there. I would say any tank you have made get a certification that the material is top notch.

The link:


The entry:

"In 2019 I replaced the port 350gal black iron tank on our 1987 trawler with 4-76gallon 3/16” aluminum tanks made by Luther’s Welding in Rhode Island. Less than 3 years later the forward most tank with the pickup, return, crossover, fill began to leak at the forward inside corner. You could feel and see the pitting eating away that corner. Luther’s response was the leak was caused by what I put in the tank, not kidding, that’s what he said, and that I needed to check the 1 year warranty if I had any further questions.

The remaining 3 tanks are perfect but had to remove them to allow access to replace the forward tank. Since I was angry at aluminum I replaced leaking tank with a custom plastic tank of same dimensions since I had the CAD drawings from TripleM Plastics in Maine. Owners wife, Katrin, was great to work with. Shipping was pricey to Baltimore but no choice."
couple of good options in state it seems. another option may be Austins Aluminum in Jacksonville. I just spoke with him (Austin) this morning about getting two fresh water tanks fabricated. Don't have any experience with him, but he sounded intelligent and knowledgeable.
Alloy selection and weld technique are critical. No disrespect meant, but alot of salesmen can convince a non-technical person that their methods and alloys are "the best".

6061-T6 is great for Aerospace applications, you would think it would be also great for a boat, right? WRONG - 6061 cracks over a short time in salt water applications. Just a little chloride content in sea water can wreak havoc with grain structure.

5052-H32 is the best, but design also plays a big part.
My advice to anyone replacing a fuel tank in a boat with a new metal tank is to make sure the tank builder can build it to ABYC recommended standards and certify that it is so built with a label stating:
Maximum test pressure:
This tank has been tested under 33CFR 183.510(a)”

If not labelled, you may get a Finding and Recommendation on your next marine survey. I was a marine surveyor for 43 years and this lack of label was not uncommon.
Sunshine Marine Tanks, Medley, FL
Quality T Tops in Tarpon Springs. They did 4 tanks for me, and 1 for each of 3 neighbors. Very pleased with their work.

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