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Dec 15, 2012
Hello, My name is Miguel and I am located in Jensen Beach, Florida. I am awaiting delivery of my 1994 Murphy Alaskan Trader Tug/Trawler. This boat is one of only 10 made in the early/mid nineties by the Murphy Boat Works of Wisconsin. It is very similar to a Nordic or Ranger Tug in a 24 foot package. Hoping to use this site for advice and to learn.
Welcome, Miguel. Congratulations on getting your boat. Please post pictures, and tell us about it. My boat is just about 15 miles north of you at Fort Pierce.

Nice looking boat.

This search string at Google returns several U tube videos of the boat.

"Murphy Alaskan Trader Tug/Trawler"

That little boat sure scoots along.

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Welcome Miguel, nice looking boat, enjoy, the boat and the forum.
Welcome aboard. Nice boat,good luck with her. I am just north of you in Port Canaveral. We are planning a run down south later this winter.
Welcome aboard Miguel! I have fond memories of Jensen Beach. My family used to vacation there back in the fifties.

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