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Dec 16, 2007
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Old School
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38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
I tried the search first but its down, so here's my question. I would like to remove the carpet in my boat and replace w/ some kind of rubberized flooring, the deck itself is aluminum. Any ideas?
There is a raised-pattern, non-skid, cushioned rubber flooring material that I've seen installed in the galley of a 120' corporate yacht I did a writing project for a few years ago. It's great stuff, as it's waterproof, easy to clean, offers great traction, and is easy on the feet if you have to stand on it for hours on end as the chef did on this particular vessel.

All that said, I don't know the name of the material although the skipper told me at one point and I wrote it down somewhere. However my wife found mats made of what appears to be the same type of material in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We've contemplated buying one for the lower helm station of our boat. So perhaps you could get the name of the manufacturer of these mats and find out if they sell the material in larger, cut-to-size sections.

This stuff ain't cheap--- the roughly 4' x 5' mat normally sells for pretty close to $100, and I remember the skipper of the yacht telling me that the material they used was very expensive. But based on my experience standing on it in the yacht, it's a great floor material for these kinds of applications.

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Thanks Marin, I'll do more research and see what's out there.
This probably won't help much but I remember the yacht skipper telling me that the material they used came from a company in southern California.
How about truck bedliner?Steve
Check Pirelli rubber flooring. (the tyre people)
They made a rubber type flooring that was used in all applications , airports to housing.
It was in various colours and had a large dot pattern , the dots were about 3/4 " in dia.
Great to walk on and non skid.

The large raised dot pattern is what was on the yacht I mentioned.* The skipper told me where they had gotten it in California, which I assumed were the people that made it.* But it may well have been the Pirelli folks who actually did the manufacturing.* Benn's description fits.
Selene uses an OTS (off the shelf) linoleum style product on some of their boats .

Check Home Depot or Lowes.

Remember a rag bagger may live for weeks on end 12 to 15deg tilted over , but most marine motorists are more roll concerned.

Handrails are a blessing in rolly land , as the motion is frequently unpredictable.

For varnished floors that are not properly made for offshore (smooth) either Bowling Alley varnish or Gymnasium varnish have pretty good no slip when wet , the real test.

Neither sez BOAT , on the can so the price is fine.
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