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Apr 5, 2024
Hi all,
I have recently purchased a Finn 8 and am going to gradually restore her to her former glory. She's a bit shabby at the moment, needs quite a bit of cosmetic work but hopefully not too much serious mechanical work. First job will be removing the partially installed engine and giving it a workover before reinstalling. I'll also take out the fuel tank which can only be done while the engine is out and refurb the engine bay/bilge. That's phase one of the operation. My initial goal is to get the boat safe and reliable and then work on the cosmetic stuff as I go. Wish me luck!
Made a little progress in the last couple of weeks. Built a gin pole to lift the engine out of the boat and managed to get it out and on a stand without doing myself or the boat any damage. Now to find some bits and pieces for the engine!


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G'day mate,
Mr. R. What a great opportunity to bond with your new mistress. Admire the "gin pole" set up. Very innovative and versatile! I hauled the engine on our "northern" boat a couple of years ago to replace fuel tanks (one leaked) and it was a perfect time to clean up wiring, general accumulated filth and give the bilge a fancy coat of paint. Good on ya'.
What's the engine? Looks to be a 3 cylinder somethingorother. Maybe Perkins?
It's a Lombardini LDW 1503. 3 cylinder 30 hp. It was set loosely in place by the previous owner, nothing connected up and I have no history on it. Was meant to be a running engine before it was installed. The engine was the big gamble buying this boat. I'm going to give it a service and get it running in a stand. Replace all the soft parts, possibly get it load tested somewhere before reinstalling it.
G'day Rod, I hope you are having as much fun on your Finn8 reno as I'm having!

Have you checked out the condition of the drive shaft centre bearing and supporting structure? It's in the bilge under the floor hatch in the aft cabin. In Puffinn it's a hefty plain bronze bearing mounted on a vertical steel plate hanging from a steel beam across the shaft tunnel. Poking around investigating things, I siphoned out the residual bilge water that the pump can't deal with. Next cruise, there was a loud knocking noise which I found to be from the pieces of the bearing support plate, which was completely rusted through, and clearly had been for a long time. The bilge water had been keeping it quiet. I thought about making up a wooden block to support the bearing from underneath, but decided to get the local boat mechanic to do the job properly. The job got bigger as we went along, and required cutting the drive shaft to get it out, because the drive flange wouldn't budge. But, cost aside, I'm happy that we did the job properly. Cheers!


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