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Sep 24, 2008

I generally like to keep up with new posts to threads I'm participating in, so I select to be notified by email when there's an update to the thread.* On active threads, this has resulted in up to 10 emails in one day between times when I check email.* This results in 10 emails in my inbox letting me know that somebody has posted a response.* Does this software allow you to only send out one email notification when a thread has been responded to, and leave it at that until the user clicks on the email URL and visits the thread?* This is pretty common on other forums.

Also, when I click on the URL provided in the email, it brings me to post No. 1 in the thread rather than the first response on page one rather than to the post that triggered the email notification.* Can you alter the software so it brings me to that response post rather than page 1, post 1?

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