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Mar 17, 2008
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I have a dual station control with Morse MT3's and have problems with the upper station, which seem to be due to the cables (3300c's) so I ordered 3300S extreme cables and added a foot to their length.
The two station end up at Morse dual station unit (photo attached) ( similar to the setup shown on pg. 238 of Nigel calder's Boatowner's Mechanical.....)**but I have been unable to get any adjustment instructions for this unit. I tried with the Teleflex booth people*at the Toronto boat show, but no help there and nothing I've found on the WEB.
Does anyone know how, if any, adjustments are made to this unit, or if there's a site where I can get a manual?


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Looks like the cable screws into the fork attached to the control. Have you tried adjusting the depth of the threaded portion of the cable assembly into the fork? It looks like the purpose of the nut is to lock it in place after you have made the adjustment.

Good luck.

I'm off to the boat to dig off the snow and start fitting my cables.Does anyone have any suggestions for a Web site where I could try reposting my original question??
Have you tried contacting Morse?

Sorry, didn't realize Morse is part of Teleflex now......

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