dock water hose connection

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which marina?

lots of them say that if the hose crosses the dock....same with power cords.

but I dont have a problem with and often do disconnect when away from the boat for more than a day.
Is the marina enforcing that rule to save the boater from sinking his boat or to safe money if the water flows unabated into the boat?
I was looking at the "rules" of a local marina that we are considering moving to and one of the requirements is that water hoses be disconnected when the owner is away from the boat. I assume this is even for those who have been boating a long time.

Walking the docks, I saw hoses rolled up and disconnected.

Where is this marina? It is a reasonable request for sure, but as full time cruisers for several years I have not seen this requirement anywhere we have been to yet . In the past 12 months alone we have been in about 39 marinas in 11 states and have not yet seen any such requirement. It sounds reasonable for sure. We just have never seen it.

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