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Oct 19, 2007
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Blue Sky
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Nordic Tugs 42 Hull #001
Hi there....great site, intuitive & hasn't crashed! One suggestion is around how you present the time/date of the posting. The actual time & date would be much more preferable for me, in that sometimes I manually search for something by date. The "3 hours ago" doesn't do much for me. Although you may well tell me that there is a setting somewhere that I can change!
I like seeing the "3 hours ago" or "age" of the post. However it would be nice to also have the actual time/date for future searches.
RE: Date & Time of Post

Yes, you can have the actual date and time of the post show up, but not both. You must choose between elapsed time and posted time. You can do this by clicking on "User Details" near the top of every page. Then select "Settings" from the left side, and then select "Date and Time Format" near the bottom of the page, and then select the way you would like it to read.
Thanks Carey..exactly what I was looking for! Great to have the flexibility. And to address Gene's desires, you can go in anytime & change the approach; day to day setting could be "age", or change it to actual date for searches. Neat.
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