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Mar 12, 2017
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Didn't KK discontinuebuilding cored hulls at some point? If so, when might that have been. I can't seem to find an answer to this simple question, though I know it must be out there. And it would seem to me that if they did discontinue the practice, would that have solve many of the problems caused by water ingress into the hull core. I admire the boats, but am wary of a cored hull. Thanks in advance.
I believe it was the early to mid 90s. We surveyed one. Don't think the hull is so much the issue as are the decks. The hulls w/ cored w/ closed foam that does provide sound and temperature insulation. Our surveyor (and others) lamented the deck issues but didn't see many issues hull wise. The one we surveyed hadn't had decent maintenance or re-bedding of stanchions or other through deck anchor points.
How about contacting the manufacturer ?

Krogen stopped coring below the waterline in 1993. Before then, the core material owas pvc. Not perfect but better than balsa. There have been reports of some delaminate with the cored hulls however it’s easy to detect during a survey.

We we sold our 1987 KK42 in 2021. We had no issues with delamination or moisture in the core. As part of the survey, the hull was thermally imaged. We did have a small area above the water that had moisture by a sink drain that was not bedded correctly from day one but that was it.
I was in Stuart, Fl this weekend at a KK open house. I was informed that the cored hull on the KK42 was stopped in 1995. I was under the belief that it was 1993 (probably from what I read on TF). This information was supplied by a reliable KK employee.

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