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Aug 18, 2020
United States
Hello and thanks for including me in the group.
I am a retired fire fighter from Idaho currently living on a sailboat in San Diego. I have had enough of the perfect weather and sunshine and will be moving to the PNW this Fall. I'll be selling the sailboat and looking for a trawler as my next boat. Just to show I am not totally insane, I plan to rent a land home for the winter as I shop for a boat in the rain. Eventually, I will be a full time live aboard spending most of my time on the hook. I spent 2 months cruising the area from Seattle to Toba Inlet at the start of my boat life and I really look forward to being back in the best cruising grounds in the world! I am looking for a boat in the 32' to 36' range if anyone knows of one. I have a complete wood shop in an enclosed cargo trailer so a project is OK as long as the bones are good. I also do wood work and repairs for my marina neighbors. I look forward to learning from this community.
We are also counting the days when we can get back to Desolation Sound and the Gulf Islands. Good luck with your search!
Welcome! Your plan sure sounds good to me.

Being from the Great Lakes, when I spent about a year in San Diego I quickly noticed that my social habit of mentioning the weather as a conversation starter (valid where I'm from as it's always of interest), only got me blank looks :eek: So I hear you.

I have a complete wood shop in an enclosed cargo trailer ...

I would LOVE to know or see more about this. I have a pseudo shop set up in a rented garage (might need to move though), and an empty cargo trailer, and have been thinking about this. Anything you would like to share about your trailer I would be most grateful for (maybe start a thread? I can't be the only one interested). :flowers:
I live in San Diego (not giving up our perfect weather) and recently purchased a Hatteras 48LRC. My NordicTugs 32 READY is for sale if you would like to take a look. it might be nice for you to be able to use the boat here in San Diego before you head to PNW. Send me a PM or you can see the listing on Yachtworld.
A big change for the smaller Tug to a large Hatteras. Enjoy the new boat with what must seem like a huge space.
Welcome from a fellow retired FF. What age range and/or ballpark budget are considering? That would help narrow the suggestions a bit. A 32 or 34 NT or AT could be a good boat for you, but may not fit your budget?? or likes?
Stepping back up to a larger boat

Firehoser75: Thanks I owned a 58 Hatteras MY for many years when living in the SF Bay area so the new to me (1976) Hatt 48 is like putting on an old shoe. Formerly owned by Richard Williams on this forum. It is keeping me very busy as I work to freshen it up (literally having changed out 2 heads and all the waste hoses among dozens of other projects). I have a long list of tasks but still enjoying a lot of time aboard and some cruising. Had the pleasure of 10 days in Avalon over the 4th and probably will make another trip early fall.

I really loved the NordicTugs 32 but I have a special place in my heart for Hatteras and we wanted to make some room for extended family and perhaps some grandkids yet to come given our kids are all starting their married lives.
The 32 is a great couples boat and very economical to run and easy to find berths for.
Sounds like you made the right move at the right time. Enjoy all aspects of the new (to you) Hatteras. They seem like great boats! (i have only been on board 2).
I'm looking for an old cheap boat. Less than $50K and not over 36 feet. I do not want teak decks or a wood hull though so I'll be looking for awhile. But I have nothing but time
Well, good luck in your search. Good thing that being a "bit of a project" is not an issue for you. It will help widen your options.

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