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Dec 16, 2007
Vessel Name
Old School
Vessel Make
38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
First off, thank you to all the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marines. I'm sitting here safe and sound in my house due to your efforts and those who came before you, including my father and uncle. This day, Memorial Day, is for you.
Next, has anyone out there had any experience with Coastal Explorer? I would like to hook it up to my notebook with a GPS and use it on my boat. Thanks for the info in advance.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I haven't any experience, but have heard good things.* It's on my goody list for this summer if the bank acccount agrees.

They do have a free download of the software so that you can try it for free. It's dumbed down so that you can't use it for real.

(from their web site):

The weather forecast and tidal prediction features can only be used for 10 days.
The NMEA 0183 (GPS, Autopilot, etc.) interface will work for only 15 minutes after starting the program.
No charts are included in the download, but you can download charts separately.
Most states are not included in the gazetteer, but can be downloaded separately.
Only a few Guide Books are included, but you can downloaded more separately.
The background world map has less detail than the full version.
Thanks for the info Chris.
We are on the Trent Severn in Ontario rt. now.

WOW! Are you guys early , is the ICE gone?

Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and ordered CE after looking at the trial version. I live in Baton Rouge and keep my boat in Madisonville. We should meet sometime when you get back. Also, love the posts from "The Wife". Send us some more.
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