Clear Lake, TX Lightning

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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
Whoo, boy, did we get a lightning storm last night! Woke me up around 0200, lightning strikes every*30 seconds*or so for maybe a half hour, then moved off. I'd be willing to bet there were some boat hits in some of the marinas. Just hope I wasn't one.
Ya know one of the things I miss about living aboard is starting the generator when the power goes out!!!!
So what's stopping you? If the power goes off at your house, just head down to the boat and fire it up! At least you'll have power until they get it back on at your house.

I had to run mine two days during Rita, when the marina turned the power off on Thursday! Storm was supposed to hit Friday around midnight, but of course never showed up. One boat sank due to the power outage. Had a shaft log leak, and the bilge pumps exhausted the batteries with the charger off.
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