Center pilothouse window removal?

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Oct 5, 2007
Vessel Name
Anastasia III
Vessel Make
Krogen 42
I need to remove the center pilothouse window to replace the glass, straighten the frame, etc. Has anyone done this? The geometry of the thing makes it a beeyach to remove, since I can't get a straight shot at any of the screws holding the piano hinge to the frame. How did they install it? Are there maybe bolts through the hull into the wiring area above the helm holding it there?
Sounds like yours my be different from mine. Mine is 2 piece. I replaced the glass in the top half several years ago. I removed the screws from the piano hinge with an angle drill.
I assume the bottom half is the same as the windows on either side. I replaced one of those by drilling out the plugs in the frame from the outside and working the frame loose with a putty knife. The glass and the inside half of the frame stayed in place. I had to break the already cracked pane to get it out. And your right, the job was a b****!!!
Tom, welcome aboard. Hope to see*you on the water soon!!!!!

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Yes, mine is a single large piece. Angle drill might work, I'll check that out when it stops raining around here!
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