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Oct 5, 2007
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This happens to me occasionally, like right now. I log in and suddenly every message posted for the last 6-7 days is "unread". Not every message, just in that time frame. It may be something having to do with my computer, but it's a minor pain to have to go click on 20-30 threads in several topic areas. Is it possible to have one button to either mark all messages as read or "catch up" as some forums call it?

-- Edited by Keith at 12:40, 2008-03-06
How many days is your Browsing History set for?* Do you have some kind of utility running that is eating your cookies?* Did you try asking Mr. Google?

I'll bet somebody out there in the Internet Universe knows the answer.* I'll let you know if I find something.
Browsing history was set to 20, the default I assume. I changed it to 60 to see how that affects it.

I have some utilities that deal with spyware, etc. but if it ate the cookies from this site, wouldn't it just show everything unread? That was my first thought, but since it only is the last week's posts... I'll see if the browsing history makes any difference. Thanks.
Keith, another thing that you can time it happens, close your browser (or the tab if using IE7).* Reopen by clicking on your TrawlerForum favorite in a new tab.

I was just bouncing around and saw the same thing.* Closing, then reopening fresh, restored all of the history bubbles.
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