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Jul 30, 2013
Thanks fr the welcome message. Much appreciated!
We have just taken possession of a beautifully kept 34' Puget tri-cabin trawler, most recently moored in Nanaimo, British Columbia. We have moved her to Blaine Harbor, Washington. She passed her surveys with flying colors, but there area few "minor" issues due to her being relatively idol for almost 2 years. The previous owner passed on, but his wife and son started her on a regular basis, and took her out for a few short spins in order to keep moving parts just that.

If anyone can help with my first roadblock? The tender motor is a 1996 8HP Evinrude model 8REDS. I am unfamiliar with the model and could not find a good reference online that would allow me to troubleshoot. It has a manual pull which is fine, but I get zero kick over. Fuel is getting in, the carb and linkage seems to have been well lubricated. The safety cord is attached. I need an "operator's guide" to see if I'm missing a vital "start" procedure.

Any help would be accepted.
Thanks, and nice to be on this site!
There are very good after market engine manuals for almost any marine power you can think of. If you plan on having the engine for a bit of time I realy support the idea of having one of these manuals.

Online search will find a couple fast , cost is around the 25.00 to 40.00 from my experience.

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