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May 15, 2011
Vessel Make
1976 Californian Tricabin LRC
Designer Jule Marshall founded Californian Yachts in the early 70's. In 1980, Californian was sold to Wellcraft Marine. In 1984 Marshall bought the brand back continuing to build and sell boats until it was once again sold in 1986 to Carver who continued building boats until retiring the brand in '91. In 1998 Marshall resurrected the brand in his new company Navigator Yachts where it remains in production. Models range in size from 30-55' in length.

This thread is to serve as a reference source for specific articles, manuals and documentation that are directly related to Californian Yacht manufacturing, design and operation. This has been gathered and shared by forum members and Californian owners.

Please feel free to add posts with links to additional published information on Californian Yachts. Please avoid posting discussions or questions in this thread to keep it as a resource link only thread. We welcome all discussions and questions in the other discussion threads.
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42 Californian LRC Owners manual from TG


  • OwnersManual_42LRC-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf
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1977 42' Californian LRC Fuel Control Valve Diagram (Lazarette)

Hi all,

A while ago there was a thread about the fuel control valves on the 42' Californian LRC. I can't seem to find that thread at this moment.

Regardless, I happen to visit with the owner of my old boat over the weekend and he was kind enough to let me jump down into the laz and make a diagram.

I can't promise all of them have the same valve set-up. But, for whatever it is work, this is the set up on my old 1977 42' Californian LRC, which has the original two double bed layout with the original two 125 gallon tanks under each bed (4 tanks total), for 500 gallons total. To my eye, all of the valves and hoses look original, except, maybe, the supply and return to the genset, which might have been added later in series with the original starboard side valve.

I'll note that mine was different than the drawing I had found online, maybe here, earlier. I've also attached that, just in case anyone wants to print both and look side-by-side and at their boat.


EDIT: See post #9 for updated diagram


  • 1977CalifornianLRC42FuelControlValvesLaz.pdf
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  • FuelSystemCal42 (1).pdf
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Californian Owners Manual (Digitally enhanced)

Hi all,

At one point I went through and took the manual already available here, cleaned it up, ran OCR on it, and produced a more noise free and searchable version. I thought I uploaded it, but can't seem to fine it here, so I'm uploading it again in case it is of help to anyone.


  • CalifornianOwnersManual.pdf
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Looks good! Thank you, your efforts are appreciated.
Hi all,

Shoot. I just realized I left off the two generator valves from the diagram I drew -- and I can't go back and edit it. So, here is a corrected repost. Sorry.



  • 1977CalifornianLRC42FuelControlValvesLaz.pdf
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  • FuelSystemCal42 (1).pdf
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Great stuff, Greg! Thanks for your efforts for the fleet!
Does anyone have manuals on the Californian 55 with Caterpillar 3208TA engines? Mine specifically are the 425 hp variety which has different air intake and turbo after coolers. This is a 1991 built by Carver.

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