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Feb 25, 2016
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about two years ago i bought a sheet of 9mm thick plywood (0,4 inch??) a building plan and started to tinker around with a handsaw and hammer.
This project was started because i wanted to have someting to do when I have no other obligations, and pick up some carpentry skills.
From the start to the first time sailing took about 10 months. (not because I am not good at carpentry, but because I had many other stuff i had to attend to) i think i can had it done in 2 weeks
actually I have nothing to do with sailing and sailboats, but it just seemed like fun to try, and it worked quite well. she is about 2.5meter (?8feet?)
afterwards, I used the boat about three times and is now collecting dust in the back of the shed. I accidentally came across to these pictures, otherwise I was already completely forgotten i build this wooden bathtub


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My wife had to have a sailing dingy. She took a couple of lessons so she had some idea of sailing. The first couple of times did great down wind but I had to tow her back with the run about. I got tired if towing her back so put a small 3 hp engine on the back, after that she never sailed again. Actually she hates it as its to unstable for her without out the sail up and board down. I keep it for the grand children to mess around in the marina.:thumb:
Before my grandchildren go sailing in it, it is first time for another "project".
First I have to make children.
then they should also do the "children project".

By that time, I will build a new boat:D

(I am just 30 years, so I have plenty of time to build a second boat)
Swordfish, nicely done. You can be proud of that one.
I tried to build a boat in the 6th grade. Old man just watched and never offered advice or an opinion. It sank on it's maiden voyage, and I never had a chance to get in it.

Woulda been nice if he would have mentioned that you need to caulk the seams. LOL
50+ years ago, probably before the days of fiberglass boats, a friend built a Sailfish (predecessor of the much more popular Sunfish) board sailer from a kit. He made paper templates of the plywood pieces and gave them to me. Me and my younger brother built one from those plans.

I learned to sail on that board and used it for several years. Then girls became more interesting and it sat out in the backyard until it rotted and was cut up for firewood. But I learned a lot from that boat.

This one sail quit nice, but is a bit to small. Probably also ends up as firewood to.
But it was a nice project to do
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