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Apr 4, 2009
Sidney BC, Canada
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Roche Point
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1985 Cheer Men PT38 Sedan
Just wondering if anyone has tried the Simrad broadband radar yet, lots of information on the net to read but have not seen a unit in our neck of the woods. Would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. All of our cruising is all within 5 miles of shore and the definition up close seems to make a lot sense.
There was a long discussion on PMM about the broad band.* *Do a word search.* I will see if i can find it.* It seemed like just a wide band, *low power rader?* *
Phil Fill wrote:

It seemed like just a wide band, *low power rader?
The big advantage of broadband radar from a user's standpoint is that it's more sensitive than conventional radar in that it has considerably better target resolution.* And I believe it is unaffected by precipitation, but I may be wrong on that. However it has a shorter effective range than conventional radar.

There was a discussion about broadband radar on the GB owners site awhile back, and someone posted this link to an article about it.* It includes a pair of radar display screen grabs, one showing a crowded anchorage with broadband and one with a conventional radar.

PS.* So what is the trick to getting a URL to highlight in a post?* Sometimes I can get them to become active, usually by putting spaces at the front and back but other times nothing I do can get them to go active.


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Use "[" and "]" with "url" in the middle.* Use "[" and "]" with a forward slash before "url" at the end of your URL.



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Okay, so I'll try this.* The number of "edited" notes at the bottom will tell you how many tries it took me

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I just bookmark the site I want to share and drag it from my bookmark menu to the posted message. Am I missing the point? Are you referring to typing in the URL?

No, I don't type it in. I open it in Firefox (or Safari), copy it out of the URL heading bar, and then paste it into the post. I have occasionally gotten a URL to highlight active by putting one or more spaces on either end of the URL but this is rare and seems totally random. Ray's instructions seemed to do the trick.

When I use the copy-paste process on the GB owners site, the URLs highlight active without Ray's code at either end of the pasted-in URL. I assume it's a difference in the software the forums use.
The highlighted link of yours doesn't work but the address is right. ThanksCorrection the highlighted link is missing the "l" on html, maybe you didn't copy and paste all of it.

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It was not a discussion it was an article in the June 2009* Passaagemaker Magazine.* The short range *broadband is better*for closer object than most *pulse.*The low range *Broadband will separate objects that are close where as the pulse*may show as one big object.* However,*broadband**is more vulnerable to interference by other radars, reflectors and rain.**

I got the*impression a low power- 2kw, large band width - 5 degree,*range 24 nm pulse radar would*be about the same.*The higher the power and narrow the band width the less deatil close object*are*but*longer the range.* So be aware what they are comaparing the new broadband to?*******
There ain't no free lunch folks!!!

i own a simrad broadband radar and i like the way it works and what i like the most is i could see without any confusion what is vey close in front of my boat. I show my radar screen to some people and they prefer the new brodband radar image than any other one. make a research on utube(simrad,broadband radar for a demonstration)

m/v septembre
Hi Claude
Thanks for your input.
One more thing, which display unit did you choose?

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i bought the NX-40 winch is the perfect size...for me and one more thing about the radar....i like the radar overlay
Hi Septembre,

Can I ask three questions?

1 When you say you can see things "vey close in front of my boat", what sort of useful range do you get?

2 If you were in fog, do you think you could pick out pot markers?

3 Does the radar suffer from interference from other leisure boats close to you, or large ships?

Thanks Septembre,

i could see mooring balls but no pot.... so far no interference
today i was in florida bay(Key Largo area) where there are* lot of pots, i try my broadband at 1/16 mile and yes i could see the pots all around me.

M/V Septembre

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That's really good news. I'm off to Metz at Amsterdam next week, and will collar Navico for more gen.
Just come back from 3 days at mets 2009 - what a show!

Talked with the 'Product Expert' from Navico, and was told the following,

1** The work on rejecting interference from other radars has been more than moderately successful, but if 'close' to another radar*you will see lines flashing across the screen when the transmissting antennas line up. 'Close' is determined by the power of the other radar. For example, a super tanker or naval vessel with powerful radars will interfere at a far greater distance than an small leisure craft. The closer other craft comes, the more the interference.

2** When I mentioned that I wanted to mount a bradband radar under a conventional radar, I was advised that it might not be possible to have them both working at the same time due to - interference! And apparently, it hasn't yet been tried! The only advice was to make sure that they were mounted so their spinning axes were exactly one above the other, but to expect interference.

My overall feeling? It's a stunning bit of kit, but needs another*12 months development to become a radar to be used in anger. I'll wait.

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