Bright Work Got You Down?

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Oct 6, 2007
Found a*trawler that you really like but are hesitant to buy because of the bright work. Read how I maintain 94 feet of teak handrails on my 40 labelle with little effort at MV Patricia Ann blog

Boating is different things to different folks .

If maint. is your "thing" teak is a great hobby , even related to boating a bit.

If cruising is the hobby , a couple of coats of good varnish slapped on and then 3 (1 prime , 2 topcoats) of white PAINT will allow the use of stripper sometime in the future when cruising is NOT the hobby.

In the Carib " Da Coat Da Month Mon" is the requirement , to look OK.

A lot of work for eye candy , when there is Voyaging to do!

Well, you know the definition of cruising.... doing maintenance in exotic locations!
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