Boats too costly to keep are littering coastlines - NY Times

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Almost as big a problem as the old concrete boats were.

If someone figures a way to burn them there is lots of energy value in GRP , how do you get in a furnace?

Hurricane season last year was a bust , so with boat values down I would expect even more boaters changing out the 1 inch rode from the mooring to the deck, for 5 year old polly pro of about 3/8 inch .

"Sell it to the Insurance CO" after all they were bailed out.

This view is now morally acceptable , as the gov is destroying contracts by the thousands for its gain.

Not quite a bust here in Houston / Galveston with Ike. Thousands of boats were destroyed. I think a lot of owners were delighted at their luck. That is, if they were insured! One big, but cheap junker is still impaled by the stern on a piling down the road aways. No insurance, the owner doesn't have the money to do anything with it (it'll take a big crane to remove), and the city is fining him $500 / day until he moves it. My guess is that it'll mysteriously burn one night, or he'll leave town.
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