Boat/Engine Maintenence Forms

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Dec 16, 2007
Vessel Name
Old School
Vessel Make
38' Trawler custom built by Hike Metal Products
I am looking for advice on maintenance forms for the engine and boat. I have looked on the net for help, no luck. Does anyone have or use some kind of form for record keeping and scheduled maintenance? All help appreciated. Thanks.
Baton Rouge, LA

West Marine does have a Ship's Log of some sort(I forgot what it is called but I use one). It is not perfect but you can modify it to work for you.
We have a maintenance and repair logbook that we bought (probably from West Marine) and it works pretty good as a basic list of what you've done with dates and engine hours . I also made up a form based on the forms we use to keep track of aircraft hours to track engine hours, total time, time since engine oil, oil filter, and fuel filter changes, time since injection pump oil changes, etc. It has a fairly large space for notes and we've taken to using this for trip notes as well as the technical information.

We bought a purpose-designed cruise logbook at the same time we got the maintenance book but we found we never used it so we got rid of it.
Thanks to everyone for responding, I appreciate it.
I keep a standard motor vessel log for all voyages .(The Motor Boat and Yachting Logbook for cruising under power) I am on my third volume.
All my maintenence is on the boats computer on an excel spread sheet.
Main engine, generator, hull etc with a separate page for each.
I have 13 years history on this and am on my third computer.
Just gotta keep backing it up.
Works for me.

The best thing you can do for any boat is to write to the various Mfg and get Da Book for every item on board.

Many engines are simply KILLED , by folks not following the wisdom from the folks that built or converted it.

EVERY item aboard should have both the install manual (many hidden secrets) as well as the operators manual and repair manual.

The time and energy invested in this hassle will be a far lower "pucker factor" when off the dock, and a higher resale value when the time comes.

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