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Dec 2, 2007

Not sure if I mentioned it in my post before, but I'm keeping a blog to share my experiences with the refurbishment of my new boat.

Upcoming posts will be dedicated to my heat/ac install and the install of a new raritan head.

you can keep track of my progress at



-- Edited by holohonu at 22:40, 2007-12-05

Thanks for sharing!!!!!
Good work. I always like to see how others skin the cat. Are any deck repairs in the works? I have some areas where water has intruded and rotted the core (big surprise) and plan on doing the repairs in the not too distant future. Just looking for ways others have tackled this.
Knock on wood, no deck repairs needed. No soft spots could be found. I know my neighbor did some deck work on his defever, Ill ask him what was done and why.

Max -

If you haven't had a chance, take a look at the CHB owners' group ( They have thousands of messages archived, and several of the members have documented their deck repair adventures - from drying and injecting the existing core with penetrating epoxy to cutting out the exterior deck surfaces and completely replacing the core.
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