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Oct 8, 2007
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Moon Dance
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1974 34' Marine Trader Sedan
While not a boating event, it was held at the Inner Harbor and a lot of boats were around!


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ALMS... Rocks!

It's Indy cars today, But, like you, I prefer the cars of the ALMS.* This is only the 2nd race I've been to.* The first was NASCAR in Charlotte.* I'll take the ALMS any day.* If this is at all successful we may be seeing 4 more years of racing in Baltimore.* I'll be there.

Darrel - nice photography down in the pits. I assume those ladies will also be present at Trawlerfest up there? Fast cars... slow boats.... gotta be a connection.

I don't recall seeing many booth babes at TrawlerFest. At the regular Power Boat Show in Annapolis you will usually see a few fat, middle aged, balding guys with some exceptionally hot young ladies on their arm. Usually in heels. The ladies, not the men. The men tend to have a gold chain necklace though. I believe these guys are at the show with their, ummm ... niece. Yeah, that's it. Saturday Night Live couldn't do a better caricature.

OK, OK, I have been to the Power Boat Show with a hot young lady too. But she really is my daughter. Really!

- Darrell
Hey Darrell, talking Baltimore GP, guess who won it this year - well, the NASCAR part of it anyway? Yes, Will Power, and Aussie. I just hope he did not flip the bird at an official before he got his hands on the trophy. It did not go down too well at the last race, although I believe he had a bit of a legitimate grievance about a stewards ruling at the time....

We were amused by his name "Will Power."* But it was the IndyCar race he won. Not NASCAR, they make only left hand turns.

No NASCAR in Baltimore! We came close a dozen or so years back.* The track would have been pretty close to my current home.* But the locals raised such a fuss about noise and traffic congestion that the plans got cancelled.* Too bad, because now it looks like a fly-ash dump is going to occupy the site.* Be careful what you ask for!

- Darell
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