Aquila SureShade Issues - WATER!

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Mar 2, 2024
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Aquila 32 Sport
Just bought a 2021 Aquila 32 Sport. The prior owner had to replace the SureShade motors twice because of water damage ($1700 each time) The boat was under warranty, so not sure why he paid, but the MarineMax guy came out and ended up drilling 2 holes on the lower sides of the top, starboard even with the Fusion radio shelf and port, even with the front of the "co-pilot" seat. Every time it rains now, the holes pour water. This was a factory fix.

Turns out the drain for the SureShade is the rear stainless top support rails, but the problem was that the rear of the top was higher than the front, so water sat in the motor channel ruining the motors. They should have put the drain in the front stainless stop support.

I'm looking at temporarily putting in clear plastic tubing in the 2 holes and letting it drain between the snaps in the Isinglass and down the side windows. This is silly, but I don't have a solution yet and being an Aquila owner for less than a week, I don't have much knowledge about where the water could be getting in the SureShade channels.

Help anyone?
Just to finish this out - I resolved both the SureShade and Radio not working...

I made a call to MarineMax in Jacksonville and talked to their technicians about the problem, first explaining that I've never had a big boat and this is my first Aquila.* So they had me pull the radio out of the dash and check voltages and remove a ceiling panel and check voltages on the SureShade controller there.* Both showed zero volts.* I'd already checked for proper voltages on the fuses and I had 12.6v on both, so somewhere I was losing power.*

At the end of the day, I'd given up and went down to the state room to shut off the house battery.* While I was down there,* I saw something called a C-Zone and started looking through that to get acquainted with what that mystery box did.* As it turns out, you can control the whole boat from that sucker!* On one of the pages, I saw a master power switch for BOTH the radio and SureShade.* When I hit those, both of the electrical issues were no longer issues.

In the end, I'm really shocked that the guys at MarineMax, knowing I was a first timer, didn't direct me there in the first place.* They are the US distributor for Aquila.

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