Annunciator panel lamps

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Jan 15, 2020
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1990 GB 42 Classic
1989 GB 42 - the alarm panel above helm and on FB has small lamps covered with a screw-on yellow lens. A few are out - and I have tried 3 different suppliers on Amazon and none 'fit'.

They are E5 (tiny) - I have tried 1 incandescent and 2 LED. The alarm panel sockets are kind of goofy - mostly plastic with a metal 'side'. I couldn't get any of the 3 to screw in at all - while the old burned out one screws in just fine.

Anyone have a source for these?
Try an automotive supplier/auto electrician. They sound like the ones I replaced in an IG, tiny little bulbs, a local auto electrician had an old looking cardboard display of the bulbs, I bought several.
Little Light Bulbs

Greetings, Try Radio Shack T-1 3/4 with E-5 base or equivalent. Although Radio Shack is out of business, you can try eBay, auto parts and hobby shops (model planes, electric trains etc) for replacement bulbs. Use a piece of small diameter clear tubing (like air tubing in a fish tank) to grip the tiny bulb and provide a handle to turn the bulb in the socket. Good luck.
Upgrading warning lights to LEDs

I had the same issue plus some corrosion in some of the sockets making them unreliable. Ended up replacing all the bulbs/sockets with flush mount Oznium 11mm bolt LEDs from Amazon. Much brighter. You can’t miss it if one lights up. Worked so well I fabricated a panel for the upper helm as not all the earlier GBs had a panel on the bridge. A simple weekend project. Contact me directly if you are interested and I will give you the specifics. Mike. 5DC1C3F7-5E53-4372-BD72-E69A68D8A433.jpg.


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These fit my 92.
Eiko 373-20 373, 14V .08A T1-3/4 Midget Screw Base Light Bulb (Pack of 20)

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